Colon Cancer with Dr. Howard Schecter : MD-VOD

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Testicular Cancer

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27 thoughts on “Colon Cancer with Dr. Howard Schecter : MD-VOD

  1. This moring I poo red but I drink red Gatorade but I use to smoke cigarette when I was younger lIke I think 13 or 14 now im 17 I stop smokong but should I wait untill I poo red again or go to the hospital

  2. One of my best friends was 39 and diagnosed with colo/rectal cancer. He died in April. My wife was diagnosed with C/R cancer in May. After scope, blood tests, CT scan and MRI. During surgery they discovered that it was not stage 1 as they expected, but was stage 4. These guys are parroting every useless not aplicable thing said to me by every other person wearing scrubs. They dont know why people get it, and their advice is essentially test so it doest turn into cancer. I have no faith in them.

  3. i go in today to get checked,,actually an hour from now. The bump on my left one is guaranteeing to be something scared as f.

  4. lately i have been feeling an uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen and in my testicles, not so much pain just really awkward and my right testicle is slightly bigger than the other should i get checked PS no other symptoms just that

  5. im scared as fuck… discovered a little knot on my left testicel, all tho i have a apointment at the doctor tomorrow, i just got a bad feeling about this one. Been searchin all day at the internet to find another diagnos for a knot on the testicel, seems like it can only be one thing.

  6. no cute bumper stickers about this! like the ones that say save the tatas…save your favorite pair of nuts just doesnt cut it…

  7. If you have pain you should get it checked but testuculier cancer is fairly uncommen and covers 1% of all man cancers also it has a huge survival ratio
    And has 95-100 % on stage 1
    80% when cancer has spead to nearby organs
    Just remember better to be safe than sorry

  8. can you get testicular cancer or any type of desease for having blue balls like 5 times??? pls awsner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  9. my husbend has testicular cancer and i want him to git help but he dos not have medical .what can he do to git the help he needs

  10. god does help the doctor in surgery but u cant see him just believe him

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